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From wellness exams to surgery, at WSAH we provide all inclusive care for your furry,  feathery or scaly family member.  We are here to make sure that your pet gets the best care possible.

Wellness Exams

A yearly wellness exam allows us to monitor your pet's health on a regular basis so we can catch potential problems early and ensure your pet a long and healthy life.


Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering not only helps to control the pet population but has many medical advantages as well.


Emergency Care

Emergency service is available at all times. Please call the regular number (306-384-9724) and you will be connected to the on call veterinarian.


Having your pet vaccinated during the annual wellness exam helps protect your pet from common illnesses.


Warman Small Animal Hospital is pleased to offer elective and emergency surgeries.  Patient monitoring and patient comfort is very important to us.  When you drop your pet off for surgery they will be given their own comfortable kennel in a warm, dimly lit, quiet room.  There is a large viewing window into this room so that staff can monitor your pet at all times.  Our surgery suite is equipped with the latest anesthetic equipment and surgical tools.  You can take comfort knowing that your pet is in good hands when they need it the most.


Warman Small Animal Hospital is equipped with in house lab that can help our veterinarians in diagnosing many medical issues. Your pet can have tests run in hospital and you will receive results during your appointment. 


This is a 15 second procedure that is done on an out patient basis and can save your pets life.  A small microchip is inserted under your pets skin so that he can be identified if ever lost or stolen. Your pets number can be read by the SPCA, veterinary clinics, and bylaw officers - a quick and easy way to get your lost pet home safely and quickly.


Dental Care

Warman Small Animal Hospital understands the need for fresh breath and a healthy mouth in your pet.  So much so that we have built a dental surgery suite just for this purpose.  We are pleased to offer state of the art digital dental xray and dental equipment for everything from routine cleanings to major extractions.

We also have a full line of products to help you keep your pet's mouth smelling and feeling great at home.  A healthy, clean mouth is important to your pet's overall health !



We are pleased to offer digital xray imaging as part of our complete diagnostic care. Every effort is made to keep your pet stress free, comfortable and back in your arms as quickly as possible.  Images will be shared with you within minutes of being taken.


Our fully trained staff is able to offer ultrasounds for our patients or as a referral from other veterinarians. It is another diagnostic option available to ensure your pets needs are diagnosed and treated promptly.

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