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Welcome to Our Hospital!


Warman Small Animal Hospital is very proud of our beautiful facility! Here is a little look inside.


This is Warman Small Animal Hospital. We are easy to find right  on Warman's main street,  located at #2-205 Central Street.  There is also a rear entrance into the hospital, with ample paved parking at the back of the building. 

Waiting Room

This is our large, modern, and clean waiting room. We have seperate cat and dog sitting areas and a refreshment area for you and your family. 

Retail Area

We stock a wide variety of  quality pet care products.  We have high standards when it comes to providing products that will benefit the health of your pet at all life stages. 

Exam Rooms

To minimize patient stress and to focus on species specific care, we have seperate examination rooms for cats, dogs, and exotics.  From dimming switches to sound proof walls, we make your pet's comfort our main priority.

Treatment Area

At the heart of our hospital is our treatment area.  This is the area that we perform laboratory testing and a variety of out-patient procedures, This room is modern, clean and comfortable for your pet.  From this area we can also keep a close eye on our in hospitalized patients through the large observation window. 

Surgery Suite

This is our sunny surgical suite and it is equipped with the latest anesthetic equipment and surgical tools.  You can take comfort knowing that your pet is in good hands when they need it the most. 

X-ray Suite

We are equipped with whole body digital x-ray. This is a great diagnostic tool to have in house when trying to locate the problem area. Results are available in just a few short minutes.

Kennel Room

This is a comfortable, quiet room with dimmed lighting where your pet will recover from surgery or stay with us for the day.  This room has it's own thermostat control so that your pet can stay extra cozy when they aren't feeling well or they are recovering from surgery.   We have a nice run for your big furry family members and oversized kennels for your little ones. There is a large window that looks from the treatment area into the kennel room so we can always keep an eye on our patients.

Dental Suite

We take dental health very seriously at WSAH. That is why we have specifically designed a seperate dental suite with state of the art dental machines and a digital dental x-ray system. Your pet's dental is performed in a comfortable quiet, and  private space.


Our isolation unit is designed to keep highly contagious diseases away from the rest of the hospital while maintaining an extremely comfortable environment for our sick patients when they need it the most. There is a private and separate entrance into this area directly from the parking lot, ensuring that contagious disease never enters into the main hospital area. Our isolation unit has a large south facing window that allows the sun to shine in on our sick patients, making them feel warm, cozy and comfortable. Adding to this is a large, private wash tub that allows staff to give our sick pets a nice warm bath when they need it. A seperate thermostat, light dimming options, and extra large runs allow us to adjust the overall environment in the room to suit the particular preferences of any of our patients.

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